Welcome to Voigtworld! This site is dedicated to a few of my hobbies:

  • Genealogy

    This is my complete family tree including as many relatives as I can find. If you are related to me but are not in the the database, please let me know and I can add you.

  • Board Games

    I was introduced to the new generation of board games a few years ago. This is not your typical ‘Monopoly’ or ‘Sorry’ games. These games are actually fun! They are great for family interaction.

  • Books and Reading

    Yes, I like books. I like to read them. I like to hold them. I like to see them on the bookshelf. And now I like to scan them so they can be on my tablet too.

  • Electronics

    I like to build things.  Especially if they involve computer boards and software.  And that is getting easier to do these days.

Over time I hope to add more of my hobbies.

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