Anna Elise Schaefer and Heinrich Voigt. Photos at their marriage in 1890, in front of their house with the family, and at their 50th wedding anniversary

In the summer of 1985 I attended two family reunions (Eckermann and Pawlik). I noticed a couple of things at both of these reunions:

  • Except for the eldest generation, no one really understood how everyone was related.
  • Nothing was written down.

So I started to write down what I could find. Along the way I discovered that while pen and paper might seem to be the appropriate medium for genealogy, it is really a natural for computer databases. So this work began. Here you will find my results so far. A few important notes:

  • I started with LynnĂ© and myself and have gone backwards as far as I can.
  • For U.S. immigrant ancestors, I am working to go forward as much as I can. Hence trying to record all descendants of each immigrant ancestor.
  • I include all spouses, and parents of spouses to help uniquely identify the spouse. But only in some cases have I recorded siblings of spouses.
  • Other than names, I do not display here information for living individuals.

If you are related and would like to add your family’s information to the family tree, please contact me.